• Frances

Crochet Ladybug Chair Socks

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

This pattern was created a few months ago when we were doing spring cleaning. When I took off the felt pads under the chairs and the chair sock ideas came up!

So I made a few chair socks that matched with spring theme. I made the ladybugs, bumble bees, flowers, and butterflies. But until today, the middle of summer, I just finished writing this ladybug pattern with pictures.

Here is a youtube video on how to make the ladybug from start to finish!

Here is the pattern!

Skill level: Easy

Materials: -- Worsted Weight yarn in Red and Black (I used Caron Simply Soft, 4-medium) -- Size G (4.5 mm) hook -- Stitch marker  -- Tapestry needle -- Googly eyes -- Hot glue gun

Abbreviations: sc - single crochet dc - double crochet sl st - slip stitch inc - increase Note: The pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Use a stitch marker to mark the last stitch of each row; move it up as you go along.

Ladybug chair sock pattern: Start with red yarn Round 1, make 8 sc in magic ring, [8] Round 2, sc inc around, [16] Round 3, (sc, sc inc), repeat around, [24] Round 4-12, sc around, [24]

Fasten off after round 12, weave in end.

You could make two ladybug’s heads for two sides or make four for each side. For chairs with round legs, two heads should be good. Remember, each ladybug’s head takes 6 stitches. So the you need to make the multiple of 6.      Change to black yarn for ladybug’s head.

Make 8 double crochet in this stitch.

Slip stitch in this stitch.

Insert hook on first stitch of round 12. Pull a loop, chain 1 (Skip 2 st, 8 dc on next st, skip 2 st, sl st on next), repeat around. Fasten off and weave in end.

Use the black yarn to embroider the spots of the ladybug.

Use hot glue to stick the googly eyes on each side.

You could always use different sizes of hooks or weights of yarns to make it bigger or smaller to fit on your chairs.

Soon, fall is coming. I have to start making the fall theme chair socks.

Happy Crocheting!