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Crochet mushroom chair socks

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Look at these cute little mushroom chair socks! They are colorful but nonpoisonous! Cute home decor for your chair!

I went for a walk with my kids in the forest. They saw the little orange fungus and wanted to touch it. I stopped them because I heard that colorful fungi are always poisonous. Of course they were disappointed.

Why don’t I make some colorful mushrooms that are nonpoisonous for them? So the mushroom chair socks are here!   

Skill level: Easy

Materials: - Medium worsted weight yarn in white and any color for the mushroom cap. - Size G (4.5 mm) hook - Tapestry needle Abbreviations: sc - single crochet inc - increase dec - decrease Note: This pattern works with join stitch. Begin your round in same stitch as your joining chain. You could always use different sizes of hooks or weights of yarns to make it bigger or smaller to fit your chair legs. Or you could skip round 10, just keep single crochet around with 21 stitches until round 12 to fit the bigger chair leg.

Chair leg in picture: 1.2”(3 cm) x 1.2” (3 cm)

Finished size: 3” (7.5 cm) x 2” (5 cm)

Stem pattern

With white yarn

Round 1: make 9 sc in magic ring, join, chain 1, [9]

Round 2: sc inc around, join, chain 1, [18]

Round 3: (sc, sc inc), repeat () around, join, chain 1, [27]

Round 4-5: sc around, join, chain 1, [27]

Round 6: (7 sc, sc dec), repeat () around, join, chain 1, [24]

Round 7: sc around, join, chain 1, [24]

Round 8: (6 sc, sc dec), repeat () around, join, chain 1, [21]

Round 9: sc around, join, chain 1, [21]

Round 10: (5 sc, sc dec), repeat () around, join, chain 1, [18]

Round 11: sc around, join, chain 1, [18]

Round 12: sc around, join, [18]

Leave a 10” (25 cm) tail for embroidery the spots on the cap.

(So you don’t have too many end to weave in >_<)

Cut it and fasten off.

Cap pattern

Change to your color of mushroom cap

Leave a 8” (20 cm) tail for sewing to the stem.

Row 1: chain 10

Row 2: sc in second chain from hook, sc across, chain 1, turn, [9]

Row 3: sc across, chain 1, turn, [9]

Row 4: sc dec, 5 sc, sc dec, chain 1, turn, [7]

Row 5: sc across, chain 1, turn, [7]

Row 6: sc dec, 3 sc, sc dec, chain 1, turn, [5]

Row 7: sc dec, sc, sc dec, chain 1, [3]

Sc around the edge, slip stitch in last stitch.

Fasten off and weave in end.

Single crochet decrease

Last row (row 7), chain 1 at last.

Single crochet around the edge

SLip stitch in last stitch.

Sew on this row

Place the first row (from the bottom) of mushroom cap between the second and third round (from the top) of the stem. Use the 8” tail to sew it together.

Then use the white yarn tail to embroidery the spots on the cap. Done!

If you crochet this mushroom chair sock, please tag me on social media using #wiwycrochet or @wiwycrochet. I would love to see your little cute mushrooms! Happy crocheting!

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