• Frances

Crochet net bag for ball!

A crochet net bag is perfect for his soccer ball! Easy for me to make, and easy for him to carry the ball.

Soccer ball is his new interest now. We walk to soccer field everyday for him to practice his soccer ball skills. We have to cross a quite busy street to go to the field. When he holds the ball and walks across the street, I always worry that if he would drop the ball at the middle of the road.

So, mama has to do something! Searched online for the net bag pattern, and found one that fits his soccer ball. Pattern here: ( https://mypoppet.com.au/makes/net-produce-bag-crochet-pattern/)

This is a quick and easy pattern. I let him pick the color he likes, then spent an afternoon to finish it.

He picked the Royal blue for his bag.

We can put two water bottles in there too! But it's heavy for him.

The draw string can be shorter if we pull on two sides. But he prefers longer string.