• Frances

Crochet Pumpkin House for Hamster

Last weekend, I saw the pictures of hamsters on my FB friend's page. They looked so cute. I said to my husband, maybe we can get the hamsters for kids as pets. He said yes, that sounded good. Then he had a sudden whim to take the kids to PetSmart immediately and bought two female Russian hamsters home. The kids were so surprised. They wondered why we let them have pets all of sudden. Well, ask daddy.

Everyday I look at the little furry friends in the cage and think of making something for them. I first tried to make a little hammock for them. They love it. They look so cute sitting on the hammock and chewing their food.

I got the inspiration to make a pumpkin for them after seeing all the pumpkins and fall decorations on Facebook crochet groups. So I spent 30 minutes to create this pumpkin house for our hamsters.

I put it in their cage right after I finished it. They could not wait to go in there and pushed each other out from there. They love it!

Skill level: Easy

Materials: - Medium worsted weight yarn in pumpkin colour,

small amount of green for leaves,

and dark brown for stem - Size H (5 mm) hook - Tapestry needle Abbreviations: sc - single crochet inc - increase dec - decrease

sl st - slip stitch

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

Note: This pattern works with join stitch. Begin your round in same stitch as your joining chain.

Finished size: 3” (7.5 cm) x 3” (7.5 cm)

Pumpkin pattern

With pumpkin colour yarn

Round 1: make 8 sc in magic ring, join, chain 1, [8]

Round 2: sc inc around, join, chain 1, [16]

Round 3: (sc, sc inc), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [24]

Round 4: (2 sc, sc inc), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [32]

Round 5: (3 sc, sc inc), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [40]

Round 6: sc around, join, chain 1, [40]

Round 7: sc in 36 sts, leave the last 4 sts unworked for the door, chain 1, [36]

Round 8: turn, sc 36 sts, chain 1, [36]

Round 9-14: repeat round 8, [36]

Round 15: turn, sc 36 sts, chain 4, join, chain 1, [40]

Join to the first stitch as indicated by red arrow.

Round 16: sc around (in the last 4 chains too), join, chain 1 [40]

Round 17: (3 sc, sc dec), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [32]

Round 18: (2 sc, sc dec), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [24]

Round 19: (sc, sc dec), repeat ( ) around, join, chain 1, [16]

Round 20: sc dec, repeat around, join, chain 1, [8]

Round 21: sc around, [8]

Leave a tail and fasten off. Sew to close the opening.

Now, let's make the door looks nicer.

Join yarn with slip stitch in any stitch of the hole, sc around, join to the first sc, fasten off and weave in ends.

Stem pattern

With dark brown yarn,

Chain 6,

Row 1, sc in second chain from hook, sc across, [5]

Row 2, chain 1, turn, sc across in back loop only.

Leave a tail, fasten off.

Chain 6 sc across Back loops as indicated by red arrows

Sew two long sides together. Fasten off. Attach it on the top of the pumpkin.

Leaf pattern (make 2)

With green yarn, leave a tail at the beginning for sewing.

Chain 6, sl st in second chain from hook, sc next, hdc next, dc next, dc in last chain, chain 2, sl st in the last chain, turn it upside down, work on the other side of chains.

Chain 2, dc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st,

Fasten off.

Chain 6 Sl st, sc, hdc, dc, dc, ch 2 Sl st to last chain

Turn to other side, chain 2 Dc in first chain dc, hdc, sc, sl s, fasten off.

Sew the leaves on the sides of the stem.

This is an easy and quick pattern. Great gift for your friends who have little furry friends!

Happy crocheting!